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No more missing out follow-ups. With Salesforce, management gets a top-down view

This is an interesting case of a leading Financial house in Kolkata, taking full advantage of the Cloud based solution. Now, Sales automation is just a click away!

Challenges:                                                                                                                         Finance, Bank, Insurance, Equity, CRM, Cloud

  • There was utter confusion with regards to follow ups and daily activities were often missed
  • No defined process for the sales acquisition cycle
  • Sending bulk mailers with rich text enabled templates for running their Campaigns was a major pain
  • Unable to track which of their products gave them more revenue
  • Major issue with regards to Reporting via spreadsheets


  • Sales Cloud: 15 Professional licenses gave them a central repository + role based access
  •  Easy reporting on product performance and ROI calculation
  • Ease of sending bulk mailers for running Marketing Campaigns through the CRM
  • Create a defined working process from Lead submission to deal closure


  • Role based restriction /data access was given where the Super Admin could decide who views what data in the CRM
  • No follow-ups were missed
  • No opportunity fell through the cracks
  • Head of Sales could now run a single report to view his team activities throughout the day without Relationship Managers sending spreadsheets

Tell us if you found this interesting or relevant to what’s existing in your present organization.

*Pic courtesy: Google Images


One comment on “No more missing out follow-ups. With Salesforce, management gets a top-down view

  1. this challenges oriented resulted with Salesforce CRM is the get 100% flexible

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