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Globalnest Wins SAP Partner of the Year for 2012


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SAP Basis Support

The enterprise resource management technology is developing at a rapid speed with the professional business program that is highly scalable and facilitates the open internet standards off of the shelf. The SAP Basis Support provides all requirements and provides the proven scalability as well.

Globalnest has a dedicated SAP Basis Team for niche BASIS areas:

SAP Basis Support

SAP Basis Support

• Solution Manager
• DR Server Strategy
• Backup Strategy
• Archiving
• System Monitoring & Performance Tuning

SAP is known to be a high level software technology which deals with all kinds of business processes throughout the organization.SAP Basis Support easily goes with all types of company computer systems, which means that the company’s hardware can be expanded in different ways as requirements increase.SAP Technology also manages the changes in the organization’s framework. For instance, changes may which need data processing to be decentralized or centralized. SAP Technology has also been designed for organizations that are made up of numerous corporations.

Most companies who have designed their own alternatives in every part of their company procedure are moving to SAP because of its power to include all the other elements of their company. One thing exclusive with SAP is the ability to convert features that you do not need, providing you to be able to convert them later when your program increases. This feature of SAP makes it the most ‘business process change’ friendly software in the market today.

To know more about ‘our’ SAP Basis Support program, please visit http://www.globalnest.com/sap_basis_services.php


Salesforce handles complex actions in Real Estate via Force.com

Today we thought of sharing another interesting case of a Real Estate company that was tired of investing on a software that wasn’t even used by the employees. Reason- not user friendly, no ROI, no value addition and above all not efficient enough to handle the complexities in the current industry. Let’s take a look at how Globalnest helped them streamline their process using best practice on Force.com:


  • Very unhappy with the existing system, not UI friendly, messy  
  • As a real estate marketing agent it had to manage residential, commercial and land properties each with its own set of differences
  • Management found it hard to keep track of property sales, invoices and client feedback
  • Did not want hassle with software installation or maintenance at the same time budget was a major concern


  • Force.com– keeping the budget in mind as well as degree of flexibility, Force.com was proposed instead of the standard editions
  • Create custom objects so that each project detail could be stored in the system along with capturing the enquiries, on hold properties, rating, bookings and cancellations maintained in the availability chart.
  • Design payment schedulers and generate automated reminders for the same
  • Global search created based on multiple parameters


  • Sales cycle accelerated and streamlined
  • Configured projects to precisely meet buyer needs, with real time information on locations, pricing and availability
  • Service operations improved, increasing up sell by capturing , tracking and resolving issues in unified system
  • Ability to track and understand market, competitor, customer, and sales trends for enhanced decision making and planning

Whether you are a Real Estate Agent or a Developer, if you are facing similar challenges, contact our Consultant at sanchita@globalnest.com


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A dozen things to consider about your CRM….SMB segments think again!

I would like to begin today’s discussion with a question. What are the things that you ‘really’ consider before deciding on a CRM?

My personal belief in the answer has gone down a little especially dealing with Indian customers. For a country that still agrees on a vehicle’s value based on it’s mileage (as in ‘how much does it give?’) not really caring if its a car or a ship or a space ship, it becomes extremely challenging to sell a world-class CRM at the end of the day. The only question that is consistent throughout is ‘why is it so expensive?’. So truly, should we give a thought to the quality or the price? Answer is both. Its you who need to decide if you are willing to compromise on a couple of thousands or a couple of product features.
Salesforce, CRM, Zoho, IndiaAsk yourself, if CRM A is priced at X and CRM B is priced at X+100, which one is actually solving my problems? Can I willfully spend that extra 100 and possess a solution that I am proud to show off OR should I keep looking at my pocket feeling happy for a while only to realize the future is full of hidden costs?

Let’s take a look at a dozen features that your CRM possesses. If not…look again:

1. Is your CRM giving you a 360 degree view of your customers, contacts, accounts, opportunities? Meaning, click on one and get the fastest insight of related information in a central repository.

2. Let your sales reps find it as helpful as a friend. Let the system refine which accounts and deals to work on as a priority, get instant and real time data and not waste time digging information in files/folders

3.  Does your CRM sync up well with applications that you use on a daily basis such as Google apps, MS Outlook?

4. Is your CRM helping you to be on top of every deal? Are you able to quickly communicate within your team for updates, status checks through your CRM?

5. What about forecasting..how accurate is your CRM in giving you forecast reports?

6. Analyze and maintain your marketing campaigns, know the ROI of each. Does your CRM talk to you?

7. Create your own dashboards and see what your Team is doing at a glance

8.  Ask if your CRM allows you to make a global search of anything (leads,contacts, accounts) with only a single click

9.  Does your CRM give you the option to tag your partners (dealers/distributors) with respective deals?

10. Ability to customize on your own- do you need to involve Developers each time you wish to configure or customize something in your CRM? If yes is the answer all the time, it is time to change

11. How easily can you export your existing data to the new system?

12. Make sure there are no hidden costs after you purchase your CRM package

Once you discover that your chosen solution answers the dozen parameters, stay confident. Need a free consultation from the experts? Click here and good luck!

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Exploring CRM on Cloud

One function of CRM on cloud is to collect and store information about clients in the online org. Keeping this in mind, it is important to consider the need for privacy and data security too. Close attention should be paid to relevant laws and regulations. Providers may need to assure clients that their information would not be distributed to third parties without prior approval, and that unlawful access can be avoided. 

A large challenge faced by users is the stunning stability between convenience of use in the CRM interface and suitable and acceptable safety measures and features. Organizations investing in CRM application do so expecting a relative convenience of use while also demanding that customer and other delicate information remain secure. This stability can be difficult, as many believe that upgrades in protection come at the expense of program performance.

CRM application provides an organization with the ability to create, determine and manage needs made by clients. An example would be Call Center application which helps to direct a customer to the agent who can best help them with their current problem. Recognizing that this type of service is an important factor in attracting and retaining customers, organizations are increasingly turning to technology to help them improve their clients’ experience while aiming to increase efficiency and minimize costs. CRM application can also be used to identify and reward loyal customers who in turn will help customer retention. Even so, a 2009 study revealed that only 39% of corporate executives believe their employees have the right resources and authority to solve client problems.

CRM for small business– basic client service can be accomplished by Sales Cloud: that lets organizations and individuals efficiently track and record interactions, including emails, documents,  task scheduling, and more. These tools focus on both accounts and individual contacts. They also generally include opportunity insight for monitoring sales pipelines plus added functionality for marketing. For small businesses focusing entirely in Service Industry, Service Cloud: which allows an easier means to keep track of the daily tickets/issues submitted VS status of each case whether pending or resolved. Not only can one monitor who is assigned with what task but also analyze the closing time for every Case.

Need a quick suggestion for automating your business? Write to our CRM Consulting Team at: sanchita@globalnest.com

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And the Social appetite keeps on growing..

It seems just yesterday that we were informed of Salesforce taking over Stypi, and now it has absorbed Buddy Media, another marketing tool capturing vibes on the social media platform. Since year 2006, Salesforce has bought over 21 companies to be precise, including Jigsaw, Radian6, Heroku, Rypple, etc, the recent acquisitions majorly stressing on the growing impact of Social media. Salesforce tracks social conversations

Take for example the social media monitoring tool Radian6, bought in March 2011, showing how Sales, Marketing as well as Service teams can get useful insights by tracking conversations on the web. Or even Rypple for that matter- innovation moves a step higher with a Performance monitoring tool that gives a new face to performance review which is a pain for the corporate. So now the question is Why Buddy Media? This organization ‘aims at delivering the first comprehensive Marketing Cloud that will allow customers to listen, engage, gain insight, publish, advertise and measure social marketing programs’ – Michael Lazerow, CEO. For more details of the news, click here.
Marketing people can now have a better idea on managing campaigns socially. Bottom line is, no matter what social tool you are using, it is very important to LISTEN and then ENGAGE into conversations. So, today’s businesses focus on what their customers or prospects for that matter are talking on twitter and facebook, what they like or dislike about their product and services and then reach out better. This should be a much better approach for targeting new opportunities as well as maintaining instant communication and better customer service. The unfortunate situation that still prevails would be how effective can these social tools work in places where the market lacks social media knowledge…a 3rd world company for instance where using a software itself is a big thing, forget about making business owners aware how important Twitter and Facebook can be, for capturing more deals, for doing a better market research.

Nevertheless, kudos to innovative companies like Salesforce who take their CRM and business solution to a different level, setting their own benchmarks. Keep adding more feathers to your cap Mr. Benioff for a richer product and richer user experience.

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No more missing out follow-ups. With Salesforce, management gets a top-down view

This is an interesting case of a leading Financial house in Kolkata, taking full advantage of the Cloud based solution. Now, Sales automation is just a click away!

Challenges:                                                                                                                         Finance, Bank, Insurance, Equity, CRM, Cloud

  • There was utter confusion with regards to follow ups and daily activities were often missed
  • No defined process for the sales acquisition cycle
  • Sending bulk mailers with rich text enabled templates for running their Campaigns was a major pain
  • Unable to track which of their products gave them more revenue
  • Major issue with regards to Reporting via spreadsheets


  • Sales Cloud: 15 Professional licenses gave them a central repository + role based access
  •  Easy reporting on product performance and ROI calculation
  • Ease of sending bulk mailers for running Marketing Campaigns through the CRM
  • Create a defined working process from Lead submission to deal closure


  • Role based restriction /data access was given where the Super Admin could decide who views what data in the CRM
  • No follow-ups were missed
  • No opportunity fell through the cracks
  • Head of Sales could now run a single report to view his team activities throughout the day without Relationship Managers sending spreadsheets

Tell us if you found this interesting or relevant to what’s existing in your present organization.

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Why trust Globalnest for SAP Remote Support?

As the company CEO if you are considering cost reduction within your SAP budget along with improved operational efficiency, think of SAP support on a remote basis OR support facility from offshore.  So, what could be the new headaches? Communication trouble, flexibility, delayed response or even difference in time zones…maybe… but once you try our services, you will experience the difference. When Globalnest extended its remote SAP support services, it thought of the cloud model once again. Think of your SAP support team located in the cloud mode, you don’t know where the support is coming from and once again, you do not bother as long as your work happens on time. The result:  24×7 support with cost effective process, leading us to work with over 10+ SAP Clients where we provided excellent remote support. Our consultant team is with minimum 3+ yrs of SAP experience and we make sure when you pick our team, you get the desired results.

Some facts about Globalnest

  • One of the strongest & leading SAP partners in Eastern India
  • Offshore facilities in Hyderabad and Kolkata
  •  Globalnest maintains a strong delivery model by the In house SAP experienced / certified consultants
    • We are cost effective and guarantee smooth and seamless project planning and development of any SAP project undertaken by us.
    • 100% reference record from more than 90% customers. We have more than 75% as repeat business.




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Let’s get started with the Cloud buzz!

When I typed in Cloud computing on the search engine today, I got about 157,000,000 results that kept me wondering where these are coming from.  The words typed in are probably dug up in thousands of computers and even more possibly the pc giving me my preferred search is sitting somewhere in Honolulu..but who cares?? 

CRM Cloud computing SalesforceI found what I was looking for and suddenly it struck me why it is the one of the biggest buzz on the net.. I mean One hundred and fifty seven million times, come on! So that is the power of keeping information somewhere in the nebula. That’s the power of Cloud Computing. You do not bother where your data is as long as it is safe and secured.

Use Gmail anyone? Shopped in Amazon? Well when you sign into your Google account with a simple userid and password, you access hundreds of mails and documents and folders. Not your headache where your data is getting stored, how it is maintained, nor do you worry about upgrades happening. Even if Google becomes Goggles tomorrow, your data will still be in place right where you arranged it last time. Big guys like Google, Amazon and Salesforce invest millions of dollars each year just on infrastructure and maintenance of billions of data stored securely in their data centres. Best part, when you decide to manage your business through cloud computing with a solution like Salesforce for instance, you pay as if you are renting an apartment in a 200 storied building. The entire maintenance cost actually gets shared among the thousand renters and even if you pay a small price you continue to enjoy the lavishness of your stay! That brings us to multi-tenancy.

 Honestly, it’s a tough call to state if you are running with technology or technology is running with you.  But one thing is for certain, the Cloud is here to stay, especially on this sky.  Find out more on the TYPES of cloud computing here. Want to share your experience moving on the cloud? Comment!!

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Taking the first step to socialize

Started back in 2005 in Morganville New Jersey, Globalnest LLC was an organization founded by two IT professionals. They had a vision to grow, expand services beyond SAP and reach out to more people, more businesses. The company took baby steps and gradually moved on to Staffing and IT services, partnering with Cloud Computing companies. It even grew out of its territory positioning two more corporate offices in Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Salesforce, cloud computing, SAP

Year 2012- and we continue our journey with more customers, more employees and greater success! 

Wondered, why not make ourselves visible on the web and start sharing our stories, our updates with you all. Why not blog? That’s how we decided to use up a little space on the World Wide Web and talk- with you!


Team Globalnest

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