And the Social appetite keeps on growing..

It seems just yesterday that we were informed of Salesforce taking over Stypi, and now it has absorbed Buddy Media, another marketing tool capturing vibes on the social media platform. Since year 2006, Salesforce has bought over 21 companies to be precise, including Jigsaw, Radian6, Heroku, Rypple, etc, the recent acquisitions majorly stressing on the growing impact of Social media. Salesforce tracks social conversations

Take for example the social media monitoring tool Radian6, bought in March 2011, showing how Sales, Marketing as well as Service teams can get useful insights by tracking conversations on the web. Or even Rypple for that matter- innovation moves a step higher with a Performance monitoring tool that gives a new face to performance review which is a pain for the corporate. So now the question is Why Buddy Media? This organization ‘aims at delivering the first comprehensive Marketing Cloud that will allow customers to listen, engage, gain insight, publish, advertise and measure social marketing programs’ – Michael Lazerow, CEO. For more details of the news, click here.
Marketing people can now have a better idea on managing campaigns socially. Bottom line is, no matter what social tool you are using, it is very important to LISTEN and then ENGAGE into conversations. So, today’s businesses focus on what their customers or prospects for that matter are talking on twitter and facebook, what they like or dislike about their product and services and then reach out better. This should be a much better approach for targeting new opportunities as well as maintaining instant communication and better customer service. The unfortunate situation that still prevails would be how effective can these social tools work in places where the market lacks social media knowledge…a 3rd world company for instance where using a software itself is a big thing, forget about making business owners aware how important Twitter and Facebook can be, for capturing more deals, for doing a better market research.

Nevertheless, kudos to innovative companies like Salesforce who take their CRM and business solution to a different level, setting their own benchmarks. Keep adding more feathers to your cap Mr. Benioff for a richer product and richer user experience.

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