Salesforce handles complex actions in Real Estate via Force.com

Today we thought of sharing another interesting case of a Real Estate company that was tired of investing on a software that wasn’t even used by the employees. Reason- not user friendly, no ROI, no value addition and above all not efficient enough to handle the complexities in the current industry. Let’s take a look at how Globalnest helped them streamline their process using best practice on Force.com:


  • Very unhappy with the existing system, not UI friendly, messy  
  • As a real estate marketing agent it had to manage residential, commercial and land properties each with its own set of differences
  • Management found it hard to keep track of property sales, invoices and client feedback
  • Did not want hassle with software installation or maintenance at the same time budget was a major concern


  • Force.com– keeping the budget in mind as well as degree of flexibility, Force.com was proposed instead of the standard editions
  • Create custom objects so that each project detail could be stored in the system along with capturing the enquiries, on hold properties, rating, bookings and cancellations maintained in the availability chart.
  • Design payment schedulers and generate automated reminders for the same
  • Global search created based on multiple parameters


  • Sales cycle accelerated and streamlined
  • Configured projects to precisely meet buyer needs, with real time information on locations, pricing and availability
  • Service operations improved, increasing up sell by capturing , tracking and resolving issues in unified system
  • Ability to track and understand market, competitor, customer, and sales trends for enhanced decision making and planning

Whether you are a Real Estate Agent or a Developer, if you are facing similar challenges, contact our Consultant at sanchita@globalnest.com


*Pic courtesy: Google Images


5 comments on “Salesforce handles complex actions in Real Estate via Force.com

  1. Thank you Lend At Ease for stopping by our Blog! Is there anything we can help you with?

  2. This is very flexible for real estate services based Salesforce sysytem
    Thanking you

  3. Nice case study Sanchita (sanchita@globalnest.com)

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