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Let’s get started with the Cloud buzz!

When I typed in Cloud computing on the search engine today, I got about 157,000,000 results that kept me wondering where these are coming from.  The words typed in are probably dug up in thousands of computers and even more possibly the pc giving me my preferred search is sitting somewhere in Honolulu..but who cares?? 

CRM Cloud computing SalesforceI found what I was looking for and suddenly it struck me why it is the one of the biggest buzz on the net.. I mean One hundred and fifty seven million times, come on! So that is the power of keeping information somewhere in the nebula. That’s the power of Cloud Computing. You do not bother where your data is as long as it is safe and secured.

Use Gmail anyone? Shopped in Amazon? Well when you sign into your Google account with a simple userid and password, you access hundreds of mails and documents and folders. Not your headache where your data is getting stored, how it is maintained, nor do you worry about upgrades happening. Even if Google becomes Goggles tomorrow, your data will still be in place right where you arranged it last time. Big guys like Google, Amazon and Salesforce invest millions of dollars each year just on infrastructure and maintenance of billions of data stored securely in their data centres. Best part, when you decide to manage your business through cloud computing with a solution like Salesforce for instance, you pay as if you are renting an apartment in a 200 storied building. The entire maintenance cost actually gets shared among the thousand renters and even if you pay a small price you continue to enjoy the lavishness of your stay! That brings us to multi-tenancy.

 Honestly, it’s a tough call to state if you are running with technology or technology is running with you.  But one thing is for certain, the Cloud is here to stay, especially on this sky.  Find out more on the TYPES of cloud computing here. Want to share your experience moving on the cloud? Comment!!

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One comment on “Let’s get started with the Cloud buzz!

  1. Yes i will start this. i am very happy for this solution thank you

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